Coloring pigments
... for a wide variety of
    industries and applications

About us

Pigment International GmbH & Co.KG was founded 2003 in Steinau, Germany.

We offer:

  • Many decades of international experience in the area of inorganic pigments and associated applications
  • World wide selection of the producers and products according to the requirements of our customers
  • Rigid quality control of all supplies
  • Adjustment of qualities to match our customers requirements
  • Technical Service
  • Complete range of inorganic pigments

Your advantage:

Joining long time experience in the area of inorganic pigments with our possibilities of worldwide product selection at the most economic and most capable producers we are able to offer excellent pigment qualities at minimized prices.

Our technical customer service accompanies the sales of our products and strives to be recognized as a reliable partner in the industry.


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