Coloring pigments
... for a wide variety of
    industries and applications

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The various design possibilities with color increase our comfort and happiness in daily life. In a wide range of applications our pigments offer the highest possible reliability and color shade stability over time.
Our technical customer service will be glad to help you find the optimal pigment for your application.

Building and Garden
Roof tiles
Paving blocks
Concrete precast
Ready Mix

Within concrete products of any kind a highest stability against cement and alkali are absolute requirements for the colorgiving pigments. Also the outstanding light and weather resistance of our inorganic pigments contributes to the fact that the colored articles show durable color over time.
The high Tinting Strength of our products increases productivity and thus economy for your application.
For special applications pigments with high temperature stability are available. Our technical service will be glad to advise you.

Lacquers and Paints
Industrial paints
Emulsion paints
Building paints
Road marking
Corrosion protection
Marine paints
Powder coatings
Steel coatings

Also for building paints the cement and alkali stability of our inorganic pigments is an important characteristic.
Besides this all lacquers and paints demand outstanding light-, weather- and chemical resistance in order to protect the coated workpieces durably.
The usage of our pigments increases the economy of your application through high hiding power, tinting strength and an easy dispersion in the respective formulations.

Plastic and Rubber
Sport floors

Our pigments are easily dispersable in nearly all plastics. For high processing temperatures special pigments are available, which offer high color quality even under extreme conditions. In addition the outstanding light-, weather- and chemical resistance gives you the opportunity to use our pigments also in engineering plastics.
Fast reaching of the final color strength facilitates the production of constant colours, independently of the processing machines used.

Glass and Ceramic

Floor and Wall ceramics
Sanitary ceramics
Clay products

Special pigments are available for high temperatures, which offer high color quality even under extreme conditions.
Through variation of the pigments and the processing parameters, like temperature, processing time or kiln atmosphere interesting color effects can be reached. For instance, through the intentional transformation of yellow ironoxides to red ironoxides at high process temperatures color nuances can be obtained that are otherwise not accessible. 

Other applications
Grinding paste, Abrasives
Foundry products
Fireproof applications

In some applications our pigments are used due to their chemical and physical characteristics. Here their chemical purity, or physical properties like their abrasive characteristics are important.


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